The White House is the scene of chaos and confusion following the attempt on President Andrew Cochran’s life. Old foes become new allies as Democrats lend support to the fallen Republican leader in a dramatic power shift. The President’s life-long friend and confidant, Nathan Whitaker, demonstrates his love and devotion to his friend, and in the process, once again, becomes an influential player in the world of power politics. Meanwhile, Republican opponents seeking the party’s nomination for President attempt to take advantage of the situation.

In New Orleans, Posy Branch, the magnetic successful owner of French Tips, Juleps & Jazz, suffers from stultifying depression following the vicious murder of her friend and business partner, Chiffon LaBelle. Slowly, with the loving assistance of her mother and her friend Michael, Posy regains her life, and in the process finds love and the unquestioned support of a good man. Retired Judge Stanford Winchester also gladly embraces love and a second chance for happiness. However, his lack of direction and purpose after decades on the bench, causes issues of self-worth. An old foe intervenes and becomes a new friend as Stanford becomes a vital confidant and advisor to a Presidential candidate.

Clay Grover and Aaron Rose continue their good works for the citizens of New Orleans Ninth ward. However, after a year of marriage, they realize that relationships require patience, honesty, and dedication. An explosive secret and common cause allow the couple to regain their loving equilibrium.

Political campaigns for the Presidency, evolving personal relationships, and outlandish lies move the novel to a climactic conclusion. However, it’s the pursuit of influence and power, and the overwhelming desire to seek personal justice for perceived past wrongs that entreat the requirement of RETRIBUTION.  

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